Monday, August 4, 2008

The Deals Never Made

I was meaning to post this a while ago, but hey, its summer, I'm lazy, that's okay. Looking back at the trade deadline, there was really very little action aside from the two or so blockbuster deals. So, the second guessing begins on my part. The deal I was semi- surprised didn't go down was Julio Lugo to... anyone. Lugo has been disappointing Sox fans for way too long; making errors, hitting for a mediocre average, and almost zero power. When it comes down to it, the Sox have 36 million resons to keep Lugo, but I'm unimpressed. I don't think there was a big market for overpriced shortstops, but the Sox have to cut ties with this guy. They've got a younger, and all around better shortstop in Jed Lowrie waiting in the wings. Every time they bring up Lowrie to fill in for Lugo and his laundry list of injuries, he impresses me. I don't think Red Sox management has a choice on this one, Lugo has to go.