Monday, August 18, 2008

If you were the commissioner for one day, what is the one rule you would absolutely have to change?

So, I'm doing a debate on a sports forum, and that was my question. I wrote a piece on it, thought it wad pretty good, and here it is:


The one rule I would change would be the two minute penalty for flipping the puck over the glass in your defensive zone, no question. The Rule was put in place with the new CBA after the lockout year. We all knew the plan; open up the game, create and call more penalties in order to increase scoring. So, this stupid rule was born. I'll tell you why it was created, it was created so that teams on the penalty kill couldn't flip the puck over the glass in they're defensive zone if they were pressured. I'm all for the penalty there, killing the flow if play shouldn't be allowed. The problem is when its called, not how its called. To many times I've seen a defenseman or goalie try to play the pass up the glass to a forward, only for the puck to sail on them and go over the glass. There you go, that team's shorthanded, other guys score-that stuff decides games. What will it take for the NHL to abolish this stupid rule?

I can just see it: Eastern Conference final, game seven, Montreal- Pittsburgh. Second overtime and the game's tied at two, emotions are running high, but skill and finesse dominate both sides. This is the game the NHL wants fans to see-showcasing Sidney Crosby's diving ability-er, uh, I mean-skill. Koivu gains the line, dumps the puck, and the Habs go off for a change. Fleury skates behind his net to play the puck, aiming for a long breakout pass off the wall to catch Montreal in the change. Instead, the puck climbs the glass, hits a seam, and flies into the crowd. Montreal goes on the powerplay, and that's all they need. Koivu to Komisarek to Andrei Kostitsyn who puts it away.

Is that the way you want a game like that decided, on a call like that? Hardly storybook.

Thirdly, the whole thing is counterintuitive. Since you were playing Mite hockey, coaches were telling you to not pass it up the middle. Well, all of a sudden, change all that. Don't pass it up the boards, off the boards, because you don't want to take an unnecessary penalty. All of a sudden, you might want to pass it up the middle after all.