Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Um, yeah, so...

I thought I should be somewhat productive with my time instead of creeping on people's facebook profiles. I don't really have anything to talk about-- I mean, I do, but I think I'm going to do a couple full- out legit posts at work tomorrow. So, there it is. Three weeks left in my first semester at college, and I think I'm finally hitting my stride. I'm managing my time really well, getting all my homework done early, I'm hanging out with a great group of friends who like hockey almost as much as me, I met a girl I really like (not in the way you just throw it around in High School, and we're not talking about just sex eather. I mean I just love spending time with her.) AND last but not least, I got named starting goalie for my club floor hockey team. That's really not a big deal, but I can't wait to play in a competive situation again.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Motivates Me As A Runner?

I run for a lot, some selfish some not. Stick with me, cause here's the rundown:

1) I run because I can. Long story, and I won’t go into detail. I had a stroke and further complications. The doctors told me afterwards I had a 6% chance of living—that’s not a lot. So, why not run? I mean, when I think back on the life I had, God was that close to pulling the plug on me, yet he didn’t. There’s a reason for everything, and I might as well run. I mean, I just feel blessed to be able to.
2) I run to show up my family. My brother was the 6th best runner in the state of Minnesota (not sure what he’s ranked now), my other brother runs XC also, and my dad’s a marathoner. It would be great to run faster and farther than them. Just sayin’…
3) I run because that’s all I can do. I played five sports in High School: hockey, soccer, baseball, swimming and track. Guess what, I’m not very good at any of them. I’m too small to play hockey, I’m at a standstill with swimming competitively, and I’ve found from the short stint I had with the college track team that I definitely won’t out sprint you. Maybe I’ll figure out how to out- pace and out- distance people.
3a) I run because its inexpensive. I’m in college, and I’m broke. I can’t play hockey even if I was good at it because equipment costs too much. Throw on some shorts, a running shirt, pop in the iPod, and there you go. I mean, I’ll shell out some money for shoes every couple months, but its worth it.
4) I run as an escape. It really is a stress reducer, and that runner’s high is real. Big paper due next class? Don’t worry about it, go for a run. Seriously, the number of miles you run is directly related to the grade you get on that paper. Book it, that’s going to be my graduate dissertation.
5) It looks good for the ladies. Well, I already look good, but…

I realized I just answered why I run subconsciously. Now I’m going to answer the real question.

Music motivates me. Like I said already, I played hockey, I was a goalie, so I’m a fan of really loud music. I love like some Blindside or Rev Theory to get the adrenaline going before a run and to help you out during the rough patches. I mean, your ears are still ringing by the time you fall asleep, but you really can’t beat that feeling.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Paint The Nation

First, let me apologize for not posting for a while, but I guess, who cares? no one reads this anyways. Now, to the business at hand.

I went to the Atmosphere concert with a couple buddies last night. They played with Abstract Rude, DJ Rare Groove and Blueprint. Doors didn't open until 8:00, and Atmosphere didn't come on until near 11:00, but it was all good, the cover bands were alright I guess, but Blueprint was the best by far. It sucked though because I barely had any voice left by the time Atmosphere went on. It was an amazing show, well worth the $20, I had a great time, met some great people-- I can't say enough good things, it was amazing. The only downside was I got to my dorm at 2:30am, and had work at 8:00. But like Slug said, fuck class, fuck work.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

State Of The State (Of Hockey)- 11/12/08

While I’m in the writing mood (I’ve already written two papers today and still have one left), I figured I might as well write a piece on the Wild so you know I’m just lazy and not dead or something.

My original intention was to do weekly recaps of the Wild games, much like Mr. Alan Bass does, or at least did once. That didn’t happen though as I realized all college was is an endless cycle of waking up, going to class, and writing papers on the weekends and partying, sleeping, and waking up with a hangover on the weekends.

Now, to get back to the subject at hand. The Wild looked like world-beaters for the first three games of the season, but it wasn’t to be. The Gaborik- Koivu- Miettinen line was an embarrassment it was so good, until Gaborik got injured… again.

From a purely speculative standpoint, I thought management was holding Gaborik out in order to trade him, but my theory went by the wayside when the Wild put him on IR. It later came out, although not confirmed by the team, that he got injured playing soccer before the game.

With Gaborik out, it was time for the youth movement to take charge. Pouliot, Clutterbuck, and Reitz have been incredibly solid. Despite Pouliot being called up to take Gaborik’s spot, I think he’s earned a spot on the big club.

Write it down: November 12th at 5:46pm, Pouliot will be a permanent fixture on this Wild roster by the end of the year. Heck, I was right about Mikko being the next big thing. But then, even your mother knew that.

The Wild also got defenseman Marek Zidlicky back October 23rd, which is good for two reasons: (1) He’s got a cannon from the top of the circles, which really opens up a lot on powerplay, and (2) that means Skoula gets less minutes, which is always a good thing.

Of course, Owen Nolan is out again, but no surprise there. It’s his back again, which is bound to happen with a 36- year- old built in the Eric Lindros model as a power forward. When he’s in the lineup (which can’t be expected all that often), he has an uncanny nose for the net. In the five games he’s played, Nolan has a goal and three assists, including the game-winning goal against Columbus.
Overall, the Wild have had a solid start of the season, not great, but solid. For this being a "rebuilding year”, the Wild have done pretty well for themselves, Sitting tied for 3rd in the division and sitting tied for 5th in the division with 17 points.
Obviously, ugly losses to the Stars and division foe Canucks look terrible in the standings, but it’s early. If we get Gaborik healthy and producing, we’ll surprise everyone.

Before I start what seems like my 600th paper in the last two days, I want to start a rumor. If you were paying attention, you would know that I think Pouliot’s going to stay with the club. Then who gets sent down when/ if Gabby ever gets healthy? My pick is one Stephane Veil-useless (Stephane Veilleux). Just two points in 13 games, I think he’s long overstayed his welcome.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween, the Election, and Other Important Stuff

So, I figure I'd post because I haven't in a while, and I'm sure my loyal fans are getting ansy. So, we'll run down the important topics in terms of importance.

1. Halloween
Halloween was pretty solid. I stayed sober. It was still a very solid night though. Me and this kid from my dorm floor, who was already halfway drunk, and we went to some girl's room and watched the Gopher game. It was a good time, we went to this club after (I forget the name). It was a blast, but I had never gone to a club before, so I probably looked like a total pedophile, its cool though. We were going to go to a house party after that because it was relatively early, like 12:30, but we decided not to because half the guys with us couldn't even walk straight, and we didn't really want to get them in trouble. So, I brought everybody up to my room because I wasn't about to let them walk across campus and get caught by public safety. Luckily, my roommate was in Madison, be cause I had like 10 drunk kids passed out in my room. Me and some sober girls (I was the only sober guy) just chilled and watched Slapshot until like 2:30 when we called it a night.
Here comes the hood part though. The drunk kids gave me like $10 each in the morning for babysitting them. So, I got to go to the Minnesota College Hockey Showcase and the Girl Talk concert.
2. Election
This year was my first year I got to vote, but I didn't do it early or often, or leave any hanging chads. It was a pretty good experience, made me feel all patriotic and such. I brain farted and registered in St. Paul, where I go to college, instead of Edina, where I live. No biggie though, the Senate and Presidential races were what I concentrated my attention on. By the way, the Minnesota Senate race, between Coleman and Franken, is separated by 300 votes. They're going to a recount.
3. Wild 3rd period woes
The 3rd period always seems to screw us. Take the San Jose game, tied 1-1 going into the 3rd, playing fairly well, and we lose 3-1. I'm starting a petition to the NHL to remove the 3rd period