Friday, August 29, 2008

Republican VP Speculation Turns on Alaska Govenrnor

With the hoopla of the Democratic National Convention over and done with, its time to start second- guessing politicians (very different than what already happens, right?). The Republicans, yet to name a VP nominee, are rumored to be looking at Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. I'm sure Palin would fit the bill well, but this has turned in to one big publicity stunt. No disrespect, but it seems like the Republicans are trying to match the Democrats stride stride- for- stride and blow- by- blow right now. Its kind of like, "well, you've got an African- American candidate, well then, we'll get a woman candodate." Like you've got a minority, and we might as well get one too (I'm talking minority in a political sence, anyways.) When it comes down to it, I dont care if we have a purple, blue, yellow, whatever color or gender president, as long as they get the job done.