Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not Minnesota Nice

I am watching today's Twins game, they're playing the White Sox, so there's a history of trouble. Denard Span is at bat, in a 4-3 game, with nobody on and no out. Span shows bunt, and gets hit in the leg by a Danks fastball.  Pierzynski argues with home plate umpire Marty Foster that Span squared around to bunt, and thus it should be called a strike. As Span was trying to get out of the way, his bat crossed home plate, as he dived forward to avoid the pitch. Fostercalls the pitch a strike, and Gardenhire comes out to argue. He gets thrown out and at the end of his tirade, kicks his hat a good 30 feet. At that, the crowd, on its feet by now, starts throwing their hats on the field also. It was funny to start with, but gets real old, real fast. The "fun" ends when some knucklehead throws a baseball on the field and Ozzie takes his team off the field. A few minutes later, order is restored-- in the stands at least. The White Sox pitchers have been tossing up beach balls after the incident, and the Twins are just killing them.  As I type this, Span walks, and scores on a Mauer single. It just gets better and better as Kubel hits a three run bomb almost in the upper deck. 7-4 Twins.