Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wild Announce OLN/ Versus/ Whatever They're Calling it This Month Schedule

Day-        Date-     Matchup-     Time (Central)

Monday- Oct. 27-Vs. Chicago- 7p.m.
Tuesday- Nov. 18- @ Pittsburgh- 6p.m.
Monday- Nov. 24- Vs. Washington- 7p.m.
Monday- Dec. 1- Vs. Colorado- 7p.m.
Tuesday- Jan. 6- @ Boston- 6p.m.
Monday- Jan. 19- @ Chicago- 7p.m.
Tuesday- Mar. 21- @ NYR- 6p.m.
Tuesday- Apr. 7- Vs. Dallas- 7p.m.

I tell you what; I’m really interested to see the Blackhawks game. The Blackhawks are much improved from last year with the additions of Campbell and Huet (that one still doesn’t make sense to me.) Pittsburgh, of course, because Crosby is Versus’ wet dream. Washington, because Versus is also in love with AO, but The Caps are also much improved. Boston, meh, same with the Rangers. Dallas is always a good game also, and they are expected to be a serious contender this year.