Monday, August 18, 2008

So, something died in my golf bag....

I'm not kidding, it was nasty. I don't go golfing very often, this was my first time in maybe a month. So, I guess that's how whatever it is could've gotten in my golf bag. Anyways-- it was a squirrel or something-- died, in my bag. So, I got to my tee time (keep in mind I didn't know the dead thing was in my bag yet) and I was like oh, shit something smells. So, I took all my clubs out of my bag, and noticed some of my clubs had fur on the grips. I was like, this can't be good, so I shook out my whole bag and this like -- animal pelt came out. It was disgusting, and it smelled terrible. So, I put all the clubs in my car, opened up all the windows, and rented clubs for the day. As soon as I got home I threw out my bag and threw my clubs in a ton of bleach.