Monday, July 21, 2008

Attn: Chicago White Sox: Don't Look Back!

I'm a Red Sox fan, why am I posting about the Twins? These damn West Coast swings, that's why. I can usually catch the Twins game at 7:00, and it usually ends before the Sox game at 9:00, how convenient. Have you seen how these guys have pitched as of late? (The hitting hasn't been half bad either.) Slowey, Baker, Perkins, Hernandez? Yes, Livan Hernandez, who we got to eat innings has pitched well, and has lived up to the billing of the ace of the Minnesota staff. Anyone who follows baseball seriously knew that these kids would come around, but in the heat of a pennant race? Amazing as it is, I left one guy out of the rotation, Nick Blackburn. He deserves his own praise because he came into the season as an untested rookie, and pitched better than anyone could have expected. He is pitching well enough to be the ace of the staff. Only problem is, we have six  capable pitchers that could be the ace of the staff. A very good problem to have, and I say six pitchers because there is a very good one waiting in the wings in AAA Rochester. That pitcher is Fransisco Liriano, who was out all last year with Tommy John surgery. He's 8-2 down there, and hopping mad, but we just can not find a spot for him. That's a very, very good problem to have this deep into a pennant race.