Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Open letter to Yankee fans

Grow some balls. Seriously, I know Red Sox fans have a reputation for being bad, but you guys have no class. Your team sucks, so you bitch and moan and piss and vinegar, yet your front office does nothing because its a business after all, and if your team sucks yet you still make money no one cares. I'm sick of hearing how badly done to you are because you haven't won a World Series in who- cares- how- long. Oh, and then there's the media ass kissing. Its ridiculous how much credit FOX and ESPN give the Yankees even though they probably aren't even going to make the playoffs. I guess that's just how it is with big market teams; maybe that's mainstream media's fault. I'm not done yet; I've got one more bone to pick with fair-weather  Yankee fans (that's most all of them.) You can boo Red Sox players, I'm all for that, it makes the game more fun. At the All Star game though? Please. This is our showcase, to show off our league's stars, yet half of them  get booed. Its fine at a normal Yankees- Red Sox games but it just doesn't seem right at the All Star Game; but maybe that's just me. At the Futures Game for example,  Red Sox prospect Che- Hsuan Lin was the MVP, yet he got booed. 

Have fun next year with the new stadium, Yankee fans, because a mediocre team and $10+ beers will drive away the bandwagon fans real fast.