Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween, the Election, and Other Important Stuff

So, I figure I'd post because I haven't in a while, and I'm sure my loyal fans are getting ansy. So, we'll run down the important topics in terms of importance.

1. Halloween
Halloween was pretty solid. I stayed sober. It was still a very solid night though. Me and this kid from my dorm floor, who was already halfway drunk, and we went to some girl's room and watched the Gopher game. It was a good time, we went to this club after (I forget the name). It was a blast, but I had never gone to a club before, so I probably looked like a total pedophile, its cool though. We were going to go to a house party after that because it was relatively early, like 12:30, but we decided not to because half the guys with us couldn't even walk straight, and we didn't really want to get them in trouble. So, I brought everybody up to my room because I wasn't about to let them walk across campus and get caught by public safety. Luckily, my roommate was in Madison, be cause I had like 10 drunk kids passed out in my room. Me and some sober girls (I was the only sober guy) just chilled and watched Slapshot until like 2:30 when we called it a night.
Here comes the hood part though. The drunk kids gave me like $10 each in the morning for babysitting them. So, I got to go to the Minnesota College Hockey Showcase and the Girl Talk concert.
2. Election
This year was my first year I got to vote, but I didn't do it early or often, or leave any hanging chads. It was a pretty good experience, made me feel all patriotic and such. I brain farted and registered in St. Paul, where I go to college, instead of Edina, where I live. No biggie though, the Senate and Presidential races were what I concentrated my attention on. By the way, the Minnesota Senate race, between Coleman and Franken, is separated by 300 votes. They're going to a recount.
3. Wild 3rd period woes
The 3rd period always seems to screw us. Take the San Jose game, tied 1-1 going into the 3rd, playing fairly well, and we lose 3-1. I'm starting a petition to the NHL to remove the 3rd period