Sunday, May 18, 2008

I am so dumb

I've had my dumb moments in my life, but this might top them all. I made what could be construed as a drunk call, except I was stone- cold sober. Yesterday, I was watching the Red Wings game with my boy at his graduation party, and with 10 minutes left, I called my brother to ask him to pick me up since he had the car. Anyways, the Red Wings got a 2-1 rush right then or something, and I looked up at the TV while I was dialing him. Or I thought I called him. It turned out it was this random friend that I hadn't called in like a year. I was like "hey bro, wanna give me a ride in like 5 minutes?" thinking I was talking to my brother, but it turns out I wasn't. So there I was, 5 minutes later without a ride. It took me a while to realize the error of my ways and to call the guy back and apologize. So yeah, needles to say I was pretty embarrassed.