Friday, May 23, 2008

FSN North TV demos

I know all television stations are trying to do is kill time, but do they have to do it in such a painful way? The FSN guys are always telling you you how to do something or reenacting something and its so boring to watch most of the time. I think tonight its Roy Smalley and Ron Coomer showing you how to argue with an umpire. Ho hum. During the Wild and Gophers hockey seasons its even worse though, with Darby Hendrickson and everybody's favorite Kevin Gorg telling you how to do things. Now, Darby knows how to do things, and Gorg likes to think he does. Gorg coached hockey at St. Thomas for like five minutes, but still. The only reason I watch those things is for when Gorg and Darby give a clinic on bodychecking. Seriously FSN, is this your idea of entertainment?