Sunday, September 21, 2008

View From The Cheap Seats: Twins

I don't know why I said "View From The Cheap Seats", but it sure sounds good. Actually, it should be "view from no seats at all", because I refuse to go to the Metrodome, except for Red Sox games. Anyways, two things I've noticed about the Twins organization lately:

  • I tell you what though, the Twins love their versatile infielders:
    -Harris can play at 2nd, 3rd and short and has done well,
    -Punto can play pretty well pretty much everywhere
    -Tolbert is turning into a super- utility man also, much like a young Nick Punto did
    -Buscher can play 3rd and first obviously, and he's even taken grounders at second a couple times.
    -The only Twins IF (besides Morneau) who has played only one position is Adam Everett, and he's been injured most of the season
  • Michael Cuddyer pinch- hit in the 9th inning of the 1st game of the Twins- O's doubleheader. Cuddyer grounded out to 1st, and will be relegated to pinch hitting duties the rest of the season. Cuddyer missed 63 games with foot & finger injuries