Friday, June 20, 2008

Played golf for the first time this year

So, I swung the clubs for the first time this year today. I had to use my dad's clubs, because my own clubs are too small for me and I'm too poor to buy new ones. I more or less picked up where I left off last year. I didn't keep score, I didn't count strokes- I wanted to give myself a nice, laid back opportunity to have some nice swings, and some not so nice ones. There was more of the latter. I was driving the ball consistently, like last year, I was in the 150- 200 yard range, which is pretty good for me. I wasn't adding much distance, but I hit a good 7 out of 9 fairways. My irons were another story though. Like last year, I didn't hit for too much power, and when I did, my accuracy wasn't good at all. My chipping from say 50 yards on in, though, was money. Putting was ugly as always. I two putted, or more every hole. Yuck.